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I'm a professor in the Psychology Department at Northwestern University, and also in the Marketing Department of the Kellogg School of Management.  I teach various courses in social psychology, and I direct the Social Cognition Laboratory, where we study the cognitive underpinnings of social attitudes, perceptions, and behavior.


schematic of experimental procedure

Intersectionality and Implicit Bias

American Children Show Clear Bias at the Intersection of Race and Gender

In a new study published in the journal Developmental Science, we report evidence showing intersectional social biases among 4-year-old kids: they respond less positively to Black boys than to other subgroups.  

Black man with rainbow flag

Intersectional Stereotyping

Can Learning that a Man is Gay Change Your Conception of His Racial Characteristics?

New research led by Chris Petsko finds evidence that gay men seem less typical of their racial groups -- and if they are Black or Latino, they seem to possess traits that are stereotypically associated with White people. 


Race Bias

How Racial Stereotypes Infuse Conceptions of Risk Taking and Risk Takers

New research, led by recent PhD recipient James Wages, shows that responsible risk-takers are imagined to have stereotypically White characteristics, but reckless risk-takers are seen as having stereo-typically Black traits.   .  

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