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The Northwestern Social Cognition Lab investigates the the basic mental processes under-lying social behavior. We investigate a wide range of issues in the areas of attitudes, social cognition, and intergroup relations, with a particular focus on person perception, the processes through which we form impressions and evaluations of others. We also in-vestigate how basic research in the area of attitudes and social cognition can be used to understand consumer behavior and promote sustainable patterns of consumption.

WE ARE A CARBON NEUTRAL LAB under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change Climate Neutral Now program.

SCL Members

Picture of Galen Bodenhausen

Galen Bodenhausen

Lab Director


Lourdes Castillo Silva

Graduate student in the Social Psychology program


Graduate student in the Social Psychology program

Picture of Sirenia Sánchez

Sirenia Sánchez

Graduate student in the Social Psychology program

SCL Alumni

  • Sapna Cheryan (Honors student, 1997-98) Professor of Psychology, University of Washington

  • Katja Corcoran (Postdoc, 2004-05) Professor of Social Psychology, University of Graz

  • Maureen Craig (Graduate student, 2009-14) Assistant Professor of Psychology, New York University

  • Mesmin Destin (Honors student, 2004-05) Associate Professor of Psychology and Education, Northwestern University

  • Xiaomeng Fan (Graduate student, 2016-19) Assistant Professor of Marketing, ShanghaiTech University

  • Shira Gabriel (Graduate student, 1995-2000) Professor of Psychology, SUNY at Buffalo

  • Natalie Gallagher (Graduate student, 2015-2021) Postdoctoral Fellow & Data Scientist, Princeton University

  • Bertram Gawronski (Postdoc, 2002-04) Professor and David Wechsler Regents Chair in Psychology, University of Texas

  • Rick Harnish (Graduate student, 1987-92) Professor of Psychology, Penn State University - New Kensington

  • Xiaoqing Hu (Graduate student, 2011-14) Associate Professor of Psychology, University of Hong Kong

  • Joshua Inwald (Honors student, 2016-18) Graduate Student, Psychology, University of Southern California

  • Kurt Hugenberg (Graduate student, 1998-2003) Professor of Psychology, Indiana University

  • Sonia Kang (Postdoc, 2010-11) Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior, University of Toronto

  • Jung Kim (Graduate student, 2011-16) Lead Behavioral Scientist, Grab

  • Ryan Lei (Graduate student, 2012-17) Assistant Professor of Psychology, Haverford College

  • Thomas Mussweiler (Postdoc, 1998-99) Professor of Organisational Behaviour, London Business School

  • Todd Nelson (Graduate student, 1992-96) Professor of Psychology, California State University, Stanislaus

  • Destiny Peery (Graduate student, 2006-12) Managing Director, Charles Hamilton Houston Institute for Race & Justice (Harvard)

  • David Perrott (Graduate student, 1999-2003) David Perrott & Associates trial consulting

  • Chris Petsko (Graduate student, 2014-20) Assistant Professor, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

  • Kimberly Quinn (Postdoc, 2000-02) Professor and Chairperson of Psychology, DePaul University

  • Andrew Todd (Graduate student, 2004-09) Associate Professor of Psychology, University of California at Davis

  • James Wages III (Graduate student, 2015-2021) Assistant Professor of Psychology, University of Central Arkansas

  • James Wilkie (Graduate student, 2007-12) Product Data Scientist, Fetch Rewards

  • Jim Wirth (Honors student, 2002-03) Associate Professor of Psychology, Ohio State University Newark

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